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Why Have A Survey?

As building surveyors in Solihull we understand that buying a property is generally regarded as the largest single investment that most people make. Properties are not only expensive to buy but can be expensive to repair. The best way to decide on such an important investment is to have a professional survey carried out.

Indeed, many Banks and building societies state within their terms and conditions that the mortgage valuation should not be solely relied upon and advise that you obtain an independent survey to suit your individual needs. This is reinforced by many legal representatives who also advise clients to have an independent survey prior to a legal commitment to purchase. To buy a property without a survey may well prove to be a false economy as the survey could easily save you money if faults are revealed which enable you to re-negotiate a price reduction. Indeed, if the property is poor value for money or requires substantial repair and maintenance, it may prevent you from making a serious financial mistake.

A survey undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor gives a purchaser a professional opinion about the property in question. Once received and prior to a legal commitment to purchase is made, its findings considered and where defects found, costs and estimates and full reports obtained possibly resulting in re-negotiation of the purchase price, to reflect the necessary works identified.